SIM Card – The Brain of the Cell Phone

Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular due to many reasons. Today, you can find it in hands of a child as well as an old person. The reason behind its popularity is that they can be taken anywhere as they are portable, they are a good way of staying in touch with other people by mean of calls and SMS (short messaging service), and they have many other functions such as internet and camera, and much more. The old cell devices were big and did not have many functions as well. But now, experts are trying their best to give maximum functions in just one device. Now, the cell phones are launched in different styles, models, designs and colors which suit every person. Some are just for style while some are for work and business.

Cell phones have become an important part of everyone's life, but to make them work, a SIM Card is required. Some mobiles do not need it but the GSM mobile phones require them to function. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It is a very small microchip which is almost the size of a stamp that is required for posting something. In the cell phone, you can find it or place it benefit the battery of the cell phone. In a SIM, you can store all your important details such as contact numbers of different people. This way you can buy your new cell and simply put the SIM in it without losing the data.

The size of SIM varies. They come in three sizes. One size is the same size as a credit card, one has a thickness of 25 mm and 15 mm width while the third one is chamfered. Chamfered SIM is more popular and used more because they prevent the misinsertion of SIM in the required unit for the mobile device to work. The two SIM of smaller sizes comes attached in a card of credit card size which can be used in larger devices. If it is not used in larger devices but used in simple cell phones, then the SIM is attached to the card by small links which can be broken easily to take off the SIM and use it in the cell phone.

Some cell phones do not require a SIM card. They are specifically made in such a way which has space for memory. In these mobile phones, you use special digit access 'NAM' for access to the memory. Once you have access to it, you can use any information stored there or even store new information. For security and for data not to be lost somehow, Service Provider puts a special lock on it, known as MSL (Master Confidential Lock).

There are also some cellular devices which have the capability of containing two SIM cards. This way the person does not have to keep two cell phones for two SIM cards. But naturally, they are more expensive than the normal cell phones. So when you go to the market to buy a cell phone, make sure to search around so you can have the best one in your hand.

Fire Protection Companies Offer Training Program

Fire protection companies have initiated a training program for mechanical and fire protection companies from throughout the country that want to expand their services to include fire suppression and restaurant kitchen hood systems installation.

The fire protection companies have expanded their fire alarms systems and fire suppression systems services nationwide as a result of increased requests.

The companies already provided commercial hood installation and hood cleaning services nationwide.

They will continue to install other systems, including fire suppression systems in all of the surrounding areas. But in order to effectively address the nation demand, it's better for them to bring on contractors who they can train to provide the same quality service in their areas.

Companies interested in the training must meet some specific criteria.

They are looking for professional, ethical contractors who are willing to continue learn and better themselves. They want contractors who are eager, want to grow their businesses and who care about safety and honesty.

Contractors selected for this work must be willing to honor their contracts with everyone-especially customers- and go a step beyond the contract. Customers typically have no understanding of some of the technical terms issued in contracts. They get bids, people give them a bunch of technical words and the customer does not know what's missing.

When a customer comes to them or one of their contractors, they get the whole picture, honest and open, right then. Everything is written down and everything written is delivered completely.

It is important for customers to understand ahead of time what they will get. That takes proper explaining by the contractor, who should walk the customer through the process and answer all questions.

The contractors they work with also must complete work on time and remain available if the customer has trouble with the system. They also must honor guarantees and warranties, even if that means they may lose money on that particular trip.

There are times they go install a hood 100 miles away and three or four months later, the motor burns out. The motor is under warranty and the factory will send it to them, but guess who's going to drive 100 miles and install it for free? That's part of the deal, and they have to be ready for that.

Being honored sometimes is expensive, but fire protection companies believe it always pays back.

Contractors must pay bills to their suppliers on time and they must use high-quality products and materials.

Ongoing technical and safety training is necessary for contractors to continue to thrive in the industry. They will get proper safety and technical training on a regular basis, as well as continuous technical support.


About Home Theater Systems

Home theater systems are a setup in homes installed for the purpose of providing cinema quality video and audio reproductions. It includes television and video equipment with special audio systems incorporated – like surround sound. The objective of recreating the feel of being in a movie theater is actualized by placement of a movie screen across the wall, use of projectors and speakers having surround sound and special furnishings like upholstered seats and couches. For a standard home theater system the video display unit should be at least 40 inches and the number of speakers involved in the surround sound system should be at least five.

Features and utility of home theater systems

The home theater provides much better movie viewing experience than typical television screens. Television screens are typically square shaped and fail to provide the realism observed in movie screens. Home theater systems are designed to take care of this and provides a worthwhile re-creation of the movie house.

Home theater arrangements may comprise of a simple setup involving a DVD player fed through a stereo system and a larger, specially designed television set. Again, it may also constitute an elaborate arrangement whereby an entire room is professionally wired involving multiple speakers and projectors are set up together with a projection screen.

The home theater room housing the home theater system is usually a room without windows – much like a cinema. Such rooms are to be found in sophisticated, plush homes. Home theater system installation gives a touch of class, refinement and taste to the room and the home. You too may be looking for securing a home theater system for your home and want to settle down for nothing less than the ultimate in home theater experience. In this case you need to commission professional installers who will design the entire movie viewing room and gear it up for delivering the cinema experience.

Use of wireless home theater systems

The home theater setup involves considerable wiring. This is needed to connect the multiple speakers placed at various locations and the projectors and other equipment. However, wireless home theater systems have also come up now to ease out the trouble of setting up wiring networks. Though these are more expensive they often prove to be worth their value by being free from the numerous wires and the associated hassles.

How Is The Acoustic Test Done?

Are you thinking of renovating your house or apartment? If so, you should consider a few very important factors. Your city or state may have certain regulations regarding the renovation of buildings and you have to follow the rules. For instance, your building or house should pass the sound insulation test.

A professional from the concerned company will pay a visit to your house to make sure the sound coming out of walls and floors of your house is within the set limits. Actually, this step is taken to make sure your neighbors will not get disturbed by the noise coming out of your concessions. What type of sound tests will they do? Read on to find out.

Adjacent Room Test

As the name suggests, the professional will do the test on two rooms that share a common wall. For instance, the professional will check the bedrooms of a pair of apartments that share the same wall.

For larger rooms, the acoustic company may use the airborne sound insulation testing. The noise level is measured on the other side of the wall. If the noise level is too high, the apartment owner is requested to take the necessary steps.

Single Floor Testing

In this test, two rooms are tested. One is located on the first floor and the other is located right above the first floor room. The professional will test how much noise the other room receives.

The noise level in the second room should not be too high. Typically, the airborne test is conducted to get the desired results.

Several Floors and Walls

If your house or apartments has tons of walls and floors, the application of the tests will be difficult. So, how would the acoustic test done for all the rooms and walls? Well, the acoustic company may go for the sample testing instead.

For several walls and floors, the professional may choose to randomly test 10 out of 100 walls and floors. This procedure is followed in order to save time and cost. If all the rooms are tested, the cost and time for the entire procedure will be too much. And the companies have a lot of other buildings to check.

When Should You Get the Testing Done?

Before you get in touch with the company, make sure you meet the fundamental parameters. For your convenience, we have made a list of parameters that should be met:

· Make sure you have installed all the windows and doors

· Make sure all the rooms are free of clutter

· Make sure the entire ventilation systems are in place

· Make sure the electrical system is ready

· Make sure there is no external noise during the test

So, before you call the acoustic company to test the noise level of your apartment, we suggest that you check all the points. Since each company has some specific regulations, you should consider them before making arrangements for the test. Once you have considered these points, you can call the company for a visit.

Part Time Money Making Opportunities Are All Around You

For most people making ends meet is a constant battle caused by their wants over needs. If you find yourself always struggling financially you have one of two choices; either lessen your expenses, or increase your income.

Lessen your expenses is not as difficult as many people think and can be easily done simply by tracking your expenses and on a regular basis evaluating their necessity. Making extra money, while maintaining your current job, is also not difficult.

With some ingenuity, and a well thought out plan, you can enjoy the benefits of an extra income. Getting a part-time job is the most obvious way to make extra money. Retailers, fast food restaurants and call centers are always looking for evening and weekend part-time help. If you are looking for a way to earn extra money that is time flexible, enjoyable, with unlimited income potential, plus the benefits of tax write offs then give some serious thought to starting your own part-time business.

Starting your own business does not mean a large capital outlay, or requires long hours. Advertising / marketing your business can easily be done for little to no cost through flyers, a website (Internet), Craiglist, word of mouth. Think of your new side business as your hobby and you will find enjoyment while creating an additional income. Who knows, your side business may one day grow into a fulltime business.

How easy is it really to begin a new business that will not intrude on your current job? Keep your business simple, and most importantly in line with something you enjoy, and you can start the following businesses tomorrow:

1. Lawn care and snow removal. Remember when teenagers would mow the neighbor's lawn, or shovel their driveway and sidewalk, for a few bucks? You, like I was, may have been such a teenager. Whatever happened to such simple entrepreneurship? Mowing lawns hide me fit, cave me a great tan and money. Distribute flyers advertising your services to your immediate neighbors, or approach them directly (seniors and busy executables are your best bets). The best thing about a lawn care service is that you can mow lawns after work or on weekends. You will be getting exercise while earning money. Snow removal, on the other hand is not as flexible since your customers will want the driveway and sidewalk cleared immediately after a snowfall, which is something you will need to consider, especially if you live in Minnesota or Buffalo, New York.

2. Collect and resell golf balls. Nobody knows with any semblance of accuracy how many golf balls are lost annually. Given the how the number of golfers has grown exponentially over the last decade estimating in the millions would be conservative. Purchase a good ball retriever, which should be solid, easy to use and light, then start taking strolls along your local golf courses. Typically balls are lost along fines where the grass is overgrown, in deep grass off fairways (the most common error is slicing and most golfers are right handed, so check the grass right of the fairway) and water hazards. You can sell your golf balls on the side of the road leading to a golf course, or to the pro shops, though you will get less than the 50 ¢ per ball you would get at the side of the road. Stroll golf courses after work and sell your finds on Saturday mornings.

3. Pet sitter. If you have a way with animals then looking after your neighbors pet (s) during their absence can bring in extra money. Your services will be welcomed since most pet owners dread placing Fido or Tiger in a kennel while the family enjoys Epcot Center. On your part the only effort required is to stop by your client's home on the way to work and after work, making sure there's food and water and to walk Fido.

4. House sitter. Along the lines of being a pet sitter why not offer a house sitting service? You basically make the house look occupied during the owner's absence. Bring in mail, turn on and off a few lights, mow the lawn, water the plants … that kind of stuff, all which can be done outside your regular job.

5. Teach a course. Chances are you are an expert at something. It could be you are World War II buff, your houseplants and garden flourish under your care, you have an ever expanding wine collection, you are a financial planner, your co-workers always come to you for help with creating an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. Why not offer to teach what you know? You could teach at the local college, library, Legion Hall, YMCA, church, or if you are comfortable doing so in your home. Offer your classes in the evenings or on the weekends.

6. Friday night / weekend daycare. Have you tried finding a babysitter for a Friday night, or Saturday night? Advertise that you will look after children in your home on Friday nights and on weekends and you will not be short of clients. This is a very simple business with a high demand.

7. Fairs / flea markets. Does everyone rave about your chili? Why not make a few batches on weeknights and sell jars of it at a local flea market on the weekends? If chili is not your thing, how about soup, jams, pickled eggs or pastries? If cooking is not your forté then what about crafts? Simply selling coffee, along with a few store bought donuts, muffins and cookies will make you money. If you are looking for something to sell go on eBay and chose a category of interest (ie Camera & Photo, DVDs & Movies, Sporting Goods), sort by "Price + Shipping: lowest first" and bid $ 1 on everything that catches your eyes and does not have a reserved price. While you will not be the winning bidder on every auction you will win many of them. Soon you will have plenty of items to sell at a very good profit.

8. Parades / festivals. Anywhere a large group of people gathers is a money making opportunity. Parades and festivals draw large crowds so why not take advantage of it. Buy as many cases of bottled water as your automobile can hold, or better yet rent a van. Park as close to the parade, or festival, as you can, place a large sign advertising what you are selling and the price, and get ready to make some serious money. For example, if you buy a case of 24 bottles of water for $ 4.99 (21 ¢ per bottle before taxes) and sell each bottle of water for $ 1.00, which is less expensive than what venders at the parcel or festivals will be charging, you will make a clear profit of 79 ¢ per bottle. Sell ​​350 bottles of water and you just made $ 276.50 in one afternoon.

9. Fund raiser. Do you enjoy dealing with people and have a knock for marketing? Offer your favorite charities and non-profits organizations to raise funds for them, which you keep a profit of. Your success will depend on being able to present yourself as trustworthy; making people feel the money they donate will reach the charity. Before you begin check with your local government to inform yourself if you require certification or a license.

10. Tutoring. You may be a sales manager for a plumbing supply company, but you have a BA in English, with honors. Why not offer to tutor students in your home or the student's? To be an effective tutor you just need to know more about the subject than your student (s). You can charge by the hour, or offer a package (ie a flat fee of $ 200 for 5 sessions) and schedule you tutorials in the evening or on weekends. To make your services more affordable offer a reduce rate for multiple students.

Part time money making opportunities are all around you! It's just a matter of looking at your skills and passions and advertising your service. Other possibilities are:

  • Musician (weddings, evening gigs at your local watering hole)
  • Painting
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Home inspector
  • Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor
  • Restaurant Delivery (The place that make the best pizza may not deliver, why not offer to do so?)
  • Personal Chef
  • Personal Trainer
  • Office and Home Organizer
  • Handyman
  • Garage and Attic Cleaning / Hauling Service
  • Band manager (offer to manage a local band, or some, for a percentage)
  • Exterior window cleaning

… the possibilities are endless.

For more ideas pick up a copy of 101 Best Weekend Businesses , by Dan Ramsey or How to Become a Successful Weekend Entrepreneur , by Jennifer Basye.

By streamlining your expenses and increasing your income you will be well on your way to improving your finances.

Convenient And Affordable Car Parks

There is nothing more convenient that affordable car parks at area airports. In fact, these venues play a pivotal role in most passenger arrivals and departures. When it comes to finding the right venue to meet your needs, you have to decide whether you want to park your vehicle inside the terminal or outside. No matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed timely and professional services across the board.

Terminal car lots tend to cost a bit more than those outside and adjacent to the airport. However, these services offer the same security and protection as outer lots. This includes camera surveillance day and night, along with security guards and even infrared alarms. Inner lots also offer vehicle maintenance for upon request. This, of course, is for passengers that will be traveling on extensive holidays or business trips.

Outer lots are surely a lot cheaper than terminal parks. In fact, these venues are considered economic parking, which may not include all the amenities as premium lots. However, shuttle services are available around the clock. This ensures all passengers make their flights on time and without any hassle or aggravation. Outer lots are known as park and fly in the industry, and are extremely convenient for all domestic and international passengers.

Some lots offer premium maintenance services for extended stay cars. This includes checking the battery, along with tire pressure. Passengers, of course, will have to leave their keys with local attendants. This does not mean that these professionals will abuse or drive your car around at will. This is against the law, and all vehicles are monitored by central dispatchers and command.

Airport car parks continue to soar in global popularity. From Intercontinental Airport in Houston to London Heathrow, these venues are designed to facilitate countless vehicles. There are always handicap accessible spots available, along with plenty of room for large vans, buses, trucks, SUVs, and even motorcycles. If requested, covered parking is available as well. These are great for passengers that do not want their cars being stained by torrential downpours and storms.

Passengers requiring immediate pickup and drop off can call in ahead of time. If there is enough room, they may be able to secure convenient spaces next to shuttle pickup. Local drivers drop off passengers to all domestic and international terminals. While it is not a requirement, tipping the driver is a great way to say thank you for his or her prompt, timely and professional services.

With convenient automobile parking, you never have to worry about missing your flight. In fact, if you are running a few minutes late, the lot can arrange expedited shuttle services to your terminal. They will even contact the terminal and air carrier that you are on your way. This is truly the best way to fly without worrying about finding parking spots close to the airport.

Access Control and Security – Card Swipe Entry Systems!

If you operate a business, you are certainly concerned about who has access to your business. One of the most simple security measures you can put in place is a card reader access control system. Card reading systems allow you to assign access to a card and then assign that card to your employee. The employee then swipes the card through a reader box at the entry door, similar to the manner in which you may swipe a credit card through the credit card reader at the store.

Card swipe access control systems are more secure and easier to administrator than the more traditional method of providing employees keys to your business. If you have a number of employees, giving them keys to your building would be a serious security risk and would come with a very hefty price tag to maintain. Just one employee losing a key or leaving the job without returning a key means you would have a security issue on your hands. The expense of having the locks changed can become costy, considering you have to not only change out the locks, but you would have to distribute new keys to all employees as well.

Card swipe systems allow you to easily deactivate a single card if lost, stolen or not returned by a former employee. You do not have to spend the money to change any locks, have new keys made or assign those new keys to your employees.

Card readers can be installed at any door in your building, which means you can use them to control the entry doors to the building, but you can also use them for doors inside your business as well, to limit access to particular parts of your business .

Card readers can record information to a computer software that can pump out reports for you regarding who has been where in your business, and when they have been there. This is helpful information to have at your fingertips if any type of theft does occur and an employee may be at fault.

Card swipe systems can make your employees feel a little more at ease also. You and your employees can rest assured that access to the facility is limited to those with the proper entry card.

RV Spring Preparation Checklist

Your RV has been sitting idle over the winter. Now the early signs of spring are here and it’s time to take it out of storage and prepare the coach and chassis for this years camping season. If you’re like me, you want to have some type of logical sequence to follow rather then haphazardly checking the unit out. I made a simple checklist to use so that nothing is overlooked. I prefer to do the majority of spring preparation myself. If you’re more comfortable having someone else do it you can schedule an appointment with a reputable RV service center to have it done.

* Depending on how your unit was winterized it will need to be de-winterized. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze you need to run fresh water through the entire system until all traces of antifreeze are gone. To remove it from the 12-volt water pump add water to the fresh water-holding tank, turn the pump on and open all water faucets. When the antifreeze is out of the system turn the pump off and take the water heater out of the by-pass mode (if applicable). Re-install any water filter cartridges you removed for storage.

* At this point I like to sanitize the water system. Make sure all of the drains are closed and drain plugs are installed. Take a quarter cup of household bleach for every fifteen gallons of water your fresh water tank holds. Mix the bleach with water into a one-gallon container and pour it into the fresh water holding tank. Fill the fresh water holding tank completely full of water. Turn the water pump on and open all faucets, run water until you smell the bleach. Close the faucets and let it sit for at least twelve hours. Drain all of the water and re-fill the tank with fresh water. Turn the pump on and open all faucets until you no longer smell bleach. It may be necessary to repeat this process to eliminate all signs of the bleach.

* With the water system under pressure inspect for water leaks. Check the operation of the toilet.

* Wash the unit thoroughly. This is a good time to inspect the roof and body seams, and window sealants for cracking that would allow water to get in. Consult a dealer for sealants compatible with these materials.

* Inspect the operation of the awning and clean the awning fabric as required.

* Inspect the tires for signs of dry rot. Inflate all tires to the recommended COLD tire pressure.

* Lubricate all hinges and locks with spray lubricant.

* Remove any tape or protective covering you may have put over LP gas vents to keep insects and rodents out. Check any mousetraps you may have put out. Open all doors and compartments and check for rodent intrusion and water damage.

* Inspect and clean the interior.

* Plug in any appliances that you unplugged for storage and replace any dry cell batteries you may have removed. This is a good time to put new batteries in items like smoke alarms.

* Test the operation of the carbon monoxide alarm, LP gas leak detector and smoke alarm.

* Check the fire extinguisher. Be sure it is fully charged.

* Reset any breakers you may have turned off. If you removed any fuses for storage re-install them.

* Clean or replace air conditioner filters if it wasn’t done prior to storage and remove any covers that were put over air conditioners.

* Open vents and windows and air the unit out.

* If you removed the coach and chassis batteries for storage install them. Whether they were removed or not check the electrolyte levels, clean the terminals and clamps, and check the charge level in all batteries. Recharge batteries as necessary.

* Check the operation of the electric steps if applicable. Lubricate step mechanism.

* Test the operation of the hydraulic jacks if applicable. Check hydraulic fluid level.

* Test the operation of the back up camera and monitor if applicable.

* If you didn’t change the oil and filters in the generator prior to storage this is a good time to do it. Inspect the generator exhaust system for damage prior to starting. Start and run the generator for two hours with at least a half rated load on it. Consult the generators owner manual for load ratings.

* Turn the generator off and plug the unit into shore power. Turn the refrigerator on in the electric mode. Allow sufficient time to cool and check for proper operation.

* Check all 12-volt interior lights and accessories.

* Test the monitor panel for proper operation.

* Check the operation of slide outs if applicable.

* Check the remaining 120-volt appliances for proper operation.

* Test the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) for proper operation.

* Turn the refrigerator off, leave the doors open and allow sufficient time for it to get to room temperature so it can be checked in the gas mode.

* Before I use the LP gas system I have a leak test and gas operating pressure test preformed. A qualified technician with the proper equipment should do these tests.

* After this is accomplished turn the LP gas valve on and check the operation of all LP gas appliances. Be sure the water heater is full of water before testing the water heater. If a gas appliance is not operating properly have it inspected by a qualified technician. Insects are attracted to the odorant added to LP gas and build nests that can affect the appliance from operating properly.

* If your unit was in long-term storage and you didn’t change the engine oil and filter prior to storage this would be a good time to do it.

* Check all fluid levels in transmission, power steering, engine coolant, engine oil, windshield washer and brakes. Consult vehicle owners manual.

* Start the engine and check for proper readings on all gauges. Check for proper operation of dash air conditioner.

* Perform a complete chassis lubrication if it wasn’t done prior to storage.

* Check the condition of windshield wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

* Check the operation of all chassis lights.

* Make sure the vehicle emissions/inspection sticker is up to date.

* In addition to this if you have a pop-up or travel trailer the wheel bearings and brakes (if equipped) should be inspected at least once annually. Inspect any canvas for dry rot and tears; inspect all hitch work and the coupler for damage. Inspect the breakaway switch and pigtail for proper operation.

Happy Camping ,


Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101

What Everybody Ought to Know About iPad Kiosks and How Secure They Are

Interactivity is the name of the game. Whether it is retail stores, wireless operators, libraries, conferences and events or banks, hotels, airlines, travel agents and restaurants, Customers get to find whatever information they need from the ever popular iPad. In all such establishments’ one can find one or may be more of these tablets that present information on demand and raise levels of customer satisfaction. However, the tablet must be presented in a manner that makes its use easy. It is also important to keep the iPad fully secured to guard against anyone simply putting it into his bag and walking off.

The solution is a variety of stands and enclosures for the iPad. Safe and secure iPad kiosks are available in various types and configurations. Some tablet stands have a base and a goose neck with clamping facility to hold the device. Some can be mounted on walls and enclose the tablet from sides with some tilt-swivel features. Some have grips with quick release features. Retail counters that actually sell iPads must make them available for demo purposes and the device must also be kept secure. IT should be easy for a prospective buyer to explore features of the device. The kiosk is, in effect, a holder that has some clamping features and a swivel-tilt base to hold the iPad at a convenient angle for users to try it out. From the seller’s perspective, security of the device is important. Therefore, additional security electronic features may be incorporated that sound an alarm should anyone attempt to detach the tablet. Such stands may also have inbuilt chargers to keep the device fully powered up all the time. Even hotels, restaurants, airline booking counters, travel agents, museums, libraries and hospitals that make use of such stands for tablets focus on keeping the tablet protected against theft.

These are the main features to look for when one considers suitable kiosks for tablets like iPads as an interactivity point. The tablet may contain valuable data and it is necessary to keep it fully secured in a mechanical as well as electronic way, the last of which is important for retail stores with high footfalls. In such environments the stands are equipped with an alarm sensor.

Aesthetics also play an important role. The kiosk must not only be lightweight and slimline but it must have suitable aesthetics to suit decors of the environment where the iPads will be used. Ergonomics is another factor to consider when buying safe and secure stands for iPads. Large spaces like libraries and museums may need to present the iPad in a different way. In such instances a free standing floor stand with an articulating or tilt and swivel facility for the holder. The holder may have secure clamps or grips to keep the iPad fully secured against attempts to remove it.

iPads are expensive and the data they contain may be worth much more. Keeping it fully secured while providing ease of access is important for libraries, hotels and similar institutions. New iPads in stores, if stolen, mean a loss for the store owner and security clamps or electronic cum mechanical stands are the perfect solution to let customers play with the tablet and keep it protected at the same time.

Those Things Which Can not Be Shaken May Remain – St James Cathedral Church


Canada's history is timelessly preserved in some of the most beautiful architecture in Toronto. These living artifacts built with wood, stone, brick and mortar over the past 200 years continue to speak to us. Yet the very act of observation changes this state because we experience our own version of the ephemeral rattling of our economy, morality, scientific thought, spiritual currency – continuing tilting the axis of human edifice.

Church Street has always been a gathering place. Sanctuary to new immigrants, the homeless, the curious and the faithful. St. James Cathedral Church was built on soil steeped in blood from centuries past – providing shelter for the wounded and the dead during the War of 1812.

The great human struggle continues, as global economic upheaval rattles the very senses of 21st Century progress. The Occupy Movement chose this destination to set-up camp in 2011, a defining moment in Toronto's civic stewardship.

On Canada's 145th birthday and the bicentennial of the War of 1812, I packed my camera and trekked the muddy streets of York, curious to discover the ancestral path of my forefathers. I was looking for Schrodinger's cat. Instead, I found Toronto.

The Little Muddy York that could

In 1791 Canada was separated into Upper and Lower Canada. Lieutenant Governor Simcoe commandly named to name the capital York, although mapmakers in Britain had designated it Fort Toronto as early as the 1720's. In 1787, Governor General Lord Dorchester arranged the 'Toronto Purchase' from the Missisaugas Ojibway (Anishinabe) Nation, an area covering today's Metropolitan Toronto and York Region. Thus, Toronto was born. Additional ratione for this name change was that York could be confused with New York and other Yorks, and because of its nicknames (Muddy York and Little York).

It seems that we have not lost our hankering to be a 'little New York'. Steps away from St. George James Cathedral Church, financial towers reach for the sky – bold minimalist glass and steel icons – casting the shadows of a post-modern world on a city that has not lost sight of the heavens.

"The grounds of St. James' Cathedral have served many purposes – a place of worship, a cemetery, and even a public park. military hospital by the British and Canadian forces during the heaviest fighting of the War of 1812. At the outbreak of war against the United States on June 18th, 1812, military infrastructure in Upper Canada was minimal. rudimentary hospital facilities, these were small buildings, suitable only for the routine demands of a peacetime garrison. As military forces and casualties increased, the town of York became a key response point for the sick and wounded personnel due to its strategic and political importance as the capital of Upper Canada. The town's only church was to play a major role in the treatment of these casualties. "

Notes taken from report, "A Place of Mercy and Medicine: 'The Church' at York as a Military Field Hospital, 1813-1815" Gareth Newfield, Research Fellow, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Following the war of 1812, Toronto experienced rapid growth, all the while the expanding Anglican congresses worshiped in a small Georgian style wooden structure that was built on Church Street. It was originally replaced by a stone church with a tower. It would burn down in 1849. John Strachan, first Bishop of Toronto would lead an international competition to design a Gothic-styled cathedral. At that time most of the city's population of 18,000 lived south of Queen Street, steps away from where this church stands today.

The Cathedral Church of St. James – 1853

The church that stands today was built of local brick and the finest Ohio stone. The spire, the pinnacles and porches were trademark Henry Langley designs – Canadian born, apprenticed to Scottish architect William Hay, Langley's legacy included the building of 70 churches across Ontario, and his Toronto landmarks that remain include the Metropolitan United Church, St. Louis. Luke's United Church, and St. Michael's College. Langley was installed as the first chair of the Department of Architecture at the University of Toronto, where he taught during the 1880s and 1890s.

Those things which can not be shook may remain – 2011

In 2011, these very same grounds would become the central gathering place and temporary camp for the Occupy Movement, as part of a worldwide response to increasing economic disparity.The occupation lasted a few short months, and while the St.. James Cathedral Church did not encourage this act of protest, it treated the Protesters with dignity and respect.

"We must recognize that there is a worldwide increase in the socio-economic imbalance that exists. It is this that has led to the formation of the Occupational movement. It is a part of the larger picture. We are in a time of significant transition. remain (Hebrews 12:27).

The Very Reverend Douglas A. Stoute

In this same year, members of the Ancient Society of College Youths (ASCY) came to Toronto to ring the Bells of Old York at the Cathedral. The Society, based in London, England was founded in 1637. The bells pealed for 3.5 hours straight, appealing hundreds to St.. James Park for this spiritual sojourn.Installed in 1865, one hundred feet high in the tower and spire which crowns St. Louis. James' Cathedral is a peal of twelve change-ringing bells (the only one in Canada, and one of only two installations in North America).

Bats in the Belfry

A unique presence in the Cathedral's musical life, The Bells of Old York are run by members of The St. Louis. James' Cathedral Guild of Change Ringers before the 11 am service on Sundays, beginning as soon as the 9 am service has ended – usually sometime around 10:10 am. The bells cascade on events of state such as the passage of the Ottawa Treaty of the banning of land-mines, and call a mournful muffled prayer after such tragedies as the death of Princess Diana.